New Adult Piano Method

I am seeking piano teachers interested in using The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Method with their students (description below) in order to obtain additional feedback as I prepare it for publication. The method is a perfect choice for adult and teen students whose primary musical interests are blues, jazz and rock and/or contemporary popular styles such as modern pop, R&B, alternative rock, contemporary jazz or electronic music, which are largely built on the shoulders of these styles.

While there are many stylistic-focused educational materials for piano students interested in blues, jazz, ragtime and rock, until now there has been no progressive and well-designed piano method solely focused on them.

If you are interested in using the method with your students or have questions about it, please contact me.

About The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Method

The Creative Keyboardist Adult Piano Method is the first progressive adult piano method to focus entirely on the popular creative styles of blues, ragtime, jazz and rock. The method also includes numerous folk melodies – such as the African-American spirituals – that form the primordial roots of these styles.

Since all of these styles originated in the United States, the method is also an introduction to American popular music by way of the most popular musical instrument ever invented – the piano, and its modern equivalents the digital piano and synthesizer. In fact, these styles are the classical music of America, and the basis for most styles of contemporary popular music such as modern pop and R&B, alternative rock, contemporary jazz, electronic music, etc.

The primary focus of the method is learning how to play, the secondary focus starting to be creative with music. As you work through the course, you’ll cultivate a spectrum of proficiencies required for becoming an accomplished keyboardist, including reading skills, rhythm skills, ear skills, chords and enough music theory so you’ll understand what you are doing. You’ll also be introduced to basic tools for nurturing your own musical creativity by improvising, arranging and composing.